Fox Germany

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Fox Germany - Precision Tools for the Jewelry Trade

Fox Germany burs are made in Germany where as our millgrains are from France. All made with unhurried craftsmanship , these fine Tungsten Vanadium Burs are made to the most strin­gent quality standards and exceed ISO specifica­tions. Starting with the highest quality raw materials, our burs are made from scratch in state-of-the- art fa­cilities to medical and dental standards. The exact fluting will guarantee the same quality cutting feel with each bur over and over again.
FOX burs outshines the competition also in price! You will be excited to enjoy great savings over any competitor , in fact, you will save up to 80% over the leading brand in many cases.
Please also note the unique and space saving bur packaging system! Simply purchase your favorite shapes and sizes in convenient 1/2 gross boxes and assort all sizes in minimum amount of space in FOX 3 gross containers. There is no better way to keep everything organized in one place! With this little space needed to keep just about all your Bur needs in a minimum space without losing control over your usage and needs.
Ordering is easy. Simply find the bur shape you desire in our catalog pages and select from a wide range of available sizes. Burs are packaged 6 to a yellow sliding box, 12 sliding boxes make up for one 1/2 Gross container.
Call your favorite Tool Supply Distributor with your order.
Try FOX Germany today and you will agree: there is no better value for the highest quality bur.